April 29, 2009

Win A Munchie Mug

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I desperately want a Munchie Mug. Desperately.

I guess I could buy one, of course. But why not take a chance on winning one first? Me and My Boys! is currently running a contest for a Munchie Mug.

These snack cups look great! They seem to be spill proof, and I could see myself tethering it to the side of Baby’s umbrella stroller for no-spill snacks on the go.

Enter the contest here.


Win A Kiss My Face Package

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Being a natural-granola-type (sort of), I love Kiss My Face products. They don’t use toxic chemicals and they’re animal-friendly!

One lucky reader of The Army Wife will win a super cool Kiss My Face package. Check out the contest here.

Win Some Dipes!

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Despite my general squeamishness about germs and icky stuff, I use cloth diapers. (Which, in truth, aren’t any more icky than the disposable versions.) I love to hear about mommies who also use cloth (I’m the only one I know among my real-life circle of mommy friends), so I was super pleased to see this cool contest at A Psych Mommy for four Happy Heinny diapers!

Happy Heiny diapers are cute, durable and affordable (when compared to expensive throwaway disposables!). Learn more about these diapers here, and enter the contest here.

Email Updates for Sale Alerts on Specific Items

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Yes, I am obsessed with the idea of a roomba. I have about three weeks until my anniversary, which means I’ve got about 10 days before I need to order it at Amazon.com to get it in time with the free ship option.

But I want to score a deal on it. Because I’m frugal that way.

Unfortunately, life AC means that I just don’t have time to idly browse shopping websites and hunt for a bargain. Enter ShoppingNotes.com (still in Beta stages).

Similar to other price watching websites, you simply enter the URL of the item you want to track and your email address. ShoppingNotes.com is supposed to send you an email alert whenever the item drops in price.

I’ve never used a price watching website before, and figured now was a great time to try it out. (I’d hate to miss a sale.) Stay tuned and I’ll let you know if it works.

April 28, 2009

Planning Meals

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Some frugal experts claim that planning meals ahead of time is a mistake, because it prevents you from taking advantage of unadvertised sales at the supermarket. Others say that planning ahead means less wasted food and fewer “convenience” meals or restaurant runs.

I don’t normally plan meals. I like to keep my options open since I never know what food will strike my fancy on any given day. However, I’ve decided to start planning at least a couple of meals each week. Hubby and I waste a ton of food, and I’m hoping this will help cut back on the waste.

My plan for next week: couscous salad and bean quesadillas. I hate buying fresh herbs and then watching them go to waste, and both of these recipes use fresh cilantro. I hope that planning just these two dishes helps eliminate some waste (and perhaps prevent one restaurant meal).

April 26, 2009

Acceptable Anniversary Gift?

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Hubby and I have followed the “traditional” anniversary gifts since the beginning of our marriage. For example, year 5 was “wood.” He gave me a wood rocking chair and I got him a wood frame for his graduate degree diploma. Some years we have been a little liberal with the definition of our gifts. For our first year of “paper,” he gave me a new computer printer and I gave him a PDA (which I claimed was like “electronic” paper.)

This year the gift is “wool.” As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not much of a housekeeper and Hubby does most of the floor cleaning. We have pets, so there’s always plenty of “pet wool” on the floor. Is a roomba vaccuum too much of a stretch to fit the “wool” requirement?

Guess I’m not much of a ‘housekeeper’

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The other day Hubby was sweeping the floors (our house is almost entirely laminate floor), and he turned to me with an exasperated expression on his face. Then he said: “In our lifetime, do you ever plan to clean the floors?”

This, of course, launched me into a list of things I do around the house.

It’s true, however, that Hubby does a lot of the traditional “woman’s” work, including sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathroom. (I, however, keep the kitchen clean, do most of the laundry, and pick up random scattered crap he leaves laying around the house. I mean, if you use a pen and place it on the counter beside the drawer where it belongs, how much extra work is it to actually return it to its rightful home in the drawer? But I digress.) He also does almost all the “man” work, such as lawn care and taking out the trash.

I’m the one that cleans the smeared pureed sweet potato off the dining room chairs… but he doesn’t notice that. (He doesn’t notice it because I do it. If I let it go, then he’d notice it.)

But Hubby does have a point. I totally avoid the jobs I hate most (sweeping the floor and cleaning the bathroom), whereas he does the jobs he despises at least occasionally.

So I’ve decided to step up my housekeeping efforts.

I’m thinking about buying a roomba.

Or is that cheating??

April 24, 2009


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Since I’m very short (5 feet and 1/4 inch tall), I’ve always avoided capris. I just felt they made me look even shorter. Instead, I usually wear long pants, above-knee skirts, or short (above mid-thigh) shorts.

But now that I’m a mommy… and I’m carrying some extra cellulite…  I can’t do the short shorts thing anymore. So here’s my attempt at capris:


Ignoring the less-than-fashionable plain black shirt and black Tevas (Yes, I love black)… what do you think about the length of these capris? Too long? Too short?

Here’s a slightly different view:


Win a super cute K.C. Fuzzy onesie!

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Another cool contest from Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House! The winner receives a beautiful soft cotton onesie from K.C. Fuzzy.

Personally, I love onesies. They’re versatile and convenient. And when they have gorgeous designs like the ones offered by K.C. Fuzzy, they can be adorably stylish, too!

Win a Kids Konserve Waste Free Lunch Kit

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Back in the days when I worked in an office, I usually carried my lunch in a reusable insulated lunch sack. But aside from choosing a reusable bag instead of brown paper, everything about my lunch was pretty wasteful. I packaged my food in plastic baggies and plastic wrap, and completed the ensemble with a paper napkin.

Fortunately, lots of manufacturers are making very cool lunch kits that help avoid waste. You can win a very nifty one at Two of a kind, working on a full house. The prizewas provided by The Soft Landing, a great store (one of my faves!) that only sells safe and healthy kid products.

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