May 13, 2009

Taking Baby Out = Complaints & Cries

Posted in Personal at 8:56 pm by bitsypieces

Taking Baby out–shopping, restaurants, errands, etc.–used to be easy. We’d haul her around in her car seat or in the Ergo carrier. Most of the time she’d fall asleep. Sometimes she’d just look at her surroundings. If given a binkie, she was usually pretty quiet.

But not now. Oh no.

Now she turns into a screaming mess within minutes of sitting down in a restaurant. Various things will placate her for short periods of time: gooey finger foods, sippy cups, new toys, etc. But none of these provide entertainment for longer than a few minutes. These days, I can’t make it halfway through my meal before Baby starts to have a meltdown.

The same is true when shopping. I used to strap Baby in the stroller with a toy and binkie, and she’d be quiet and content for most of the shopping trip. I’d be able to browse a bookstore or even try on clothes. But not now. Instead, within minutes of entering a store, Baby starts fussing and crying and whining in her stroller. Nothing appeases her.

Any experienced mommies have any advice? Is this a stage that she’ll outgrow? Or should I resign myself to a life of take-out and Internet shopping instead of restaurant meals and mall stores?


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