May 11, 2009

Organizing My Bags

Posted in Baby Gear, Fashion at 9:43 am by bitsypieces

(Sounds almost dirty, doesn’t it? Organizing my bags.)

As an organizational freak who loves simplicity, my life is basically bags, pouches, boxes and baskets. If it will store something or organize something, I have to own it. Hubby thinks I have an addiction problem when it comes to baskets, plastic bins and canvas bags. Organizing my purse/handbag to ensure my life stays as easy as possible has been a big challenge lately. But I think I’ve finally arrived at a solution. Here are my two secondary bags and their various contents:

BIG BAG (Skip Hop Diaper Tote): This attractive diaper tote contains all of Baby’s needs, including multiple changes of clothes, thin blanket, diapers, wipes, creams, lotions, toys, binkies, snacks, sippy cups, hat, washcloths, tissues, etc.

SMALL BAG (Aurielle-Carryland Shoulder Bag): This small shoulder bag contains just the bare necessities for Baby, including two dipes, a small pack of travel wipes, and a couple of disposable changing pads.

My primary bag is a WRISTLET that contains mommy’s essentials, including wallet, grocery store cards, epi-pen, and pouch containing Swiss Army Knife, mini flashlight, lip balm, and other small personal items. This is a must have when leaving the house.

I’ve decided that this type of arrangement best suits my needs. If I’m running out on quickie errand–like a short trip to the local supermarket–I just toss my wristlet into my small bag and I have all the essentials for me and Baby.

On the other hand, if I’m out for a full day–such as playgroup, lunch and shopping–then I put the wristlet into my big bag and head out the door with everything I might possibly need to keep Baby happy and comfortable for hours.

So now there’s no need for me to switch around a bunch of stuff whenever I’m changing bags, and there’s no need for me to always be grabbing diapers from the nursery and packing them into a purse. With this system, I have two bags from which to choose: a quick errand bag and an all-day bag. The only thing I have to switch around is my personal purse (the small wristlet). Everything else is already packed and ready to go, and that’s how I like it. Easy. Simple.



  1. 1001petals said,

    A friend of mine, with a 3 yr old, actually carts around a small cooler filled with snacks and usually a full meal. I worry about having to get to that stage, especially since we don’t drive. Then again, she and her toddler have A LOT of activities. Makes me feel a bit inept, but then again I think we’re doing well. Your post made me think of what you’d do if you had to carry around that much food 🙂 Or maybe you’d just stop at a restaurant or cafe like I do when a meal is needed on the go. (though my friend does that too. .. it’s a mystery to me.)

  2. bitsypieces said,

    Hmmm… does your friend pack organic foods and the like? I could see carting around a bunch of food if you only want your kid to eat certain things. Although when I’m eating really super healthy, I pack my meals and snacks in a cooler whenever I’m running errands. If I ever eat healthy again (ha ha), I guess I’d probably include my child’s food in my cooler, too.

  3. 1001petals said,

    No, not organic. She is definitely not one of those moms that doesn’t allow sugar/dairy/gluten/etc. 🙂 Her daughter eats all sorts of things, though goes through picky phases like most do.

    That’s amazing that you pack a cooler, too! I guess it is more common than I realized. I almost always bring snacks and a sippy cup when we go out, but they are usually small, like cheese and crackers in one container, sunflower seeds or cut up fruit in another. If we’re out for more than a few hours we just buy some food. Maybe I do need some sort of cooler.

  4. 1001petals said,

    correction: “packed” a cooler.

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