May 9, 2009

Why do empire tops make me look preggers?

Posted in Fashion at 12:17 am by bitsypieces

I’m a classic “apple,” so I carry any extra pudge in my midsection. When I’m down to my ‘fighting’ weight, I prefer tops that hug my body and show off my curves. But AC, my belly never recovered. So I’ve been resorting to empire shirts in an effort to hide my tummy flab.

Yet, for some reason, these shirts always make me look about 6 months pregnant!

What do you think? Anyone have a suggestion for a shirt that will disguise a tummy without adding volume? (I sometimes wear structured button-down shirts, but they always make me feel a bit stuffy…)

Skirt Top



  1. 1001petals said,

    These trapeze tunics that Angie featured I think are really good for hiding tummies:

    I also got this awesome top recently, that unfortunately I can’t find an example of online, that has this section that sort of drapes down from the top to very bottom, just down the middle. Hard to describe, but the top is strapless so it works very well and totally disguises the mid-section. I got it at Old Navy of all places.

  2. 1001petals said,

    p.s. I don’t think you look pregnant in the photo but I understand what you mean about those tops.

  3. I agree with the above comment, I don’t think you look pregnant — but I do know what you mean. I have the same problem every time I try on one of those shirts. They look so cute on the hanger and on everyone else, but I can’t help but feel pregnant in them. I think it’s more my own memory of maternity clothes than the actually reality, though. 🙂 In terms of camoflauging a tummy (I have the same issue), I look for wrap tops or tops with ruching around the midsection.

    BTW, — LOVE the idea of the corkboard with the wine corks. Such a great idea!

  4. Carly said,

    After being pregnant the first time, I vowed to never, ever wear an empire-waisted shirt again. And I haven’t, except when I was pregnant with my second.

    Even girls who are young and obviously not pregnant LOOK pregnant to me when I see them wearing this style!

  5. Sandy said,

    I think it looks cute on you!

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