May 7, 2009

Just call me the “bag lady”

Posted in Fashion at 1:59 pm by bitsypieces

Seriously. I am still obsessing over the “perfect” Baby & Mommy bag.

Although my last choice was acceptable for a short period of time, it quickly became overstuffed. These days, I need to carry more than just a diaper and a package of wipes. I also must carry a variety of toys to keep Baby’s interest, as well as snacks. And I see sippy cups in the near future, too…

I figure I have two choices:

  • Find a mid-size purse for my stuff plus the bare essentials–dipe & wipes–for Baby, plus carry a bigger diaper bag for all the other Baby stuff
  • Find a new, bigger bag that will fit everything for me and Baby

I told Hubby that my problem is simply this: I prefer to travel with the smallest bag possible, but I also want to carry enough stuff to be prepared for almost any situation.

It’s starting to look as if I’m going to have to carry a diaper bag as my main purse, mostly because of the awesome organizational features of most diaper bags (Hooray for pockets!). But I absolutely HATE this idea, because diaper bags are typically clunky, ugly, heavy and big. I am currently exploring options, but haven’t found an awesome standout contender yet.


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