May 4, 2009

Traveling With Baby

Posted in Personal at 6:33 pm by bitsypieces

In a few weeks I will be traveling with Baby… my first time ever away from the house for more than a few hours.

I am already obsessed about the various aspects of Babyhood outside of the convenient (and carefully Baby-planned) layout of my home. So far I’ve worried about…

  • Sleeping arrangements (How will Baby sleep in Pack N Play?)
  • Finding and making organic homemade baby food
  • Washing/drying Baby clothes
  • The consequences of too much disposable diaper use
  • My lack of control over other people’s behavior (What if someone eats peanut butter and then touches Baby’s lips?)
  • Security/safety (What if we travel through bad neighborhoods?)

I guess I am kind of a worrywart.

Ok… I am a super big worrywart. But this is mostly because I am a control freak, so I worry about all the stuff I can’t control (which happens to be almost everything in life).

Off too worry some more…


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