April 28, 2009

Planning Meals

Posted in Personal at 12:49 pm by bitsypieces

Some frugal experts claim that planning meals ahead of time is a mistake, because it prevents you from taking advantage of unadvertised sales at the supermarket. Others say that planning ahead means less wasted food and fewer “convenience” meals or restaurant runs.

I don’t normally plan meals. I like to keep my options open since I never know what food will strike my fancy on any given day. However, I’ve decided to start planning at least a couple of meals each week. Hubby and I waste a ton of food, and I’m hoping this will help cut back on the waste.

My plan for next week: couscous salad and bean quesadillas. I hate buying fresh herbs and then watching them go to waste, and both of these recipes use fresh cilantro. I hope that planning just these two dishes helps eliminate some waste (and perhaps prevent one restaurant meal).


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  1. 1001petals said,

    Ooh, here’s a tip for cilantro or parsley. I never use a whole bunch before it goes bad either, so what I started doing was washing and chopping it up soon after bringing it home, and then when it’s dry storing it in a bag (or you can use tupperware) in the freezer. Every time I need some I just grab some out of the bag.

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