April 16, 2009

I *Heart* Etsy

Posted in Personal at 4:52 pm by bitsypieces

Can I just tell you how much I love Etsy?

I’m sure most of you mommies know all about this shopping website where crafters and other artisans can sell their goodies. Like eBay but much much better (no bidding, just buying), it’s loaded with all types of handcrafted items.

The best part? If you find something that’s “almost perfect, but not quite,” it’s a simple matter to ask the crafter for a custom order. And most of them happily accommodate you.

Another perk: The prices are quite reasonable. I believe in paying fair wages for a nice, handcrafted item… but I also have to stay within a budget. Etsy helps me do both by allowing the artist to set the price.

I am not the artistic type. My friends groan when my name is drawn for their team in Pictionary. I can use a sewing maching to make an uneven hem on a pair of pants. Other than that… my artistic ability is pretty much zero.

But Etsy gives me a chance to own beautiful and unique handcrafted items for a reasonable price.

Love it? I do.


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