April 10, 2009

Mom on the Go Outfit

Posted in Fashion at 2:00 pm by bitsypieces

My favorite fashion blog–and the only one I read with any regularity–is youlookfab.com. Angie and I may not always agree about the styles and trends, but her fashion advice is generally straightforward, smart and practical.

She has three basic floop-proof formula outfits for a mom-on-the-go. The first is basically nice pants, a cute shirt, a jacket or cardi, and some fab accessories. The second is the same as the first, except the pants are replaced by a skirt. Her third outfit replaces the skirt/pants and shirt with a dress.

I decided to try out the first formula, which is the least intimidating (and, in my opinion, best suited for a “playgroup” session). Here was the result:


Personally, I think I ended up looking dumpy and frumpy. I didn’t feel put-together… I just felt uncomfortable. I’m not ready to give up on finding a great floop-proof outfit, however. I guess I just need to experiment a bit more.



  1. 1001petals said,

    I also read that site 🙂

    Maybe a bolder coloured shirt? I really like the jacket, maybe some accessory on it would make it pop?

    I don’t know about those formulas of hers though, they sound like just regular outfits. Shirt, pants, some sort of jacket — isn’t that an obvious combo? 🙂 Still, I do enjoy her posts.

  2. Adriienne said,

    Cut and color are important. The jacket has a good cut but the color is unflattering on you. The T-shirt pulls across the bust hence the fit is off. (Maybe it is just the photo) The color is also too pale on you. The jeans look okay I think they are a straight leg. I think the cheapest way to savy up this outfit is to find a scarf, of which there are many on the market this season, with the colors of your jacket and T-shirt and one bright color- like a deeper or brighter version of your T-shirt. Most of all you dont look dumpy. I think you just need a punch of color and a good friend to cheer you up!!

  3. bitsypieces said,

    I agree with you guys… color would probably punch it up. Green is actually a terrible color for me. I bought this shirt on vacation one time when it was soooooo hot and I was wearing a sweatshirt and the hotel was miles and miles away… so I just grabbed a cheap tee that fit me. I still like to wear it sometimes, though, because the graphic on it is kind of funny. It’s a drawing of a girl with no expression on her face and the word “Happy.”

    Well… I guess that it’s funny to me. 😉

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