April 5, 2009

Washing and reusing baggies…

Posted in Money at 11:59 pm by bitsypieces

… probably isn’t in my future.

However, it is one of the money-saving techniques recommended by Amy Dacyczyn in her Tightwad Gazette book. Dacyczyn suggests a lot of “blackbelt” techniques for pinching pennies, including canning homegrown food, dumpster diving, and washing/reusing aluminum foil.

I tend to think the average person will probably find many of her suggestions a little extreme. However, there are quite a few that would probably be acceptable to most people. I always suggest the book to anyone looking for frugal tips, tricks and ideas. Although I probably won’t ever wash and reuse baggies, her overall tightwad philosophy is inspiring and interesting.

I read Dacyczyn’s book about once a year… whenever I feel like my spending is a little bit overboard and I need to refocus on savings. The Tightwad Gazette is great inspiration for anyone hoping to save more and spend less.


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  1. 1001petals said,

    What I’d say to the people who wash baggies, is why not just use tupperware if you really want to save money? I tried washing bags a couple times but ended up throwing them out cause they stayed wet inside and it just seemed gross. . .I’m like you, it’s just too extreme. Especially if I’m out buying a starbucks latte everyday, it seems silly to try and save the 5 cents or whatever it cost for the bag! Not that I don’t try to save money where I can of course. I like the paying yourself first model — it’s great for people who love to shop like you and me.

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