April 3, 2009

The Contents of My Handbag

Posted in Fashion at 4:07 pm by bitsypieces

Since I’ve started carrying MY stuff and BABY stuff, I really like to be organized (Hence, my quest for the Perfect Purse.). This is partly because I am an organization nut, and partly because I carry a lot of junk in one bag, including:


  • A “diaper” pouch containing 2 diapers, a onesie, 2 disposable changing pads and a mini tube of diaper cream
  • A travel size package of wipes
  • 3 or 4 small toys, such as plastic keys, a teether ring and a stuffed fish
  • A binky and pacifier keeper
  • A small sweater and a pair of Baby Legs
  • Travel size package of tissues


  • Catchall pouch containing a large Swiss Army knife, lip balm, nail file, mini flashlight, lipstick and other small personal items
  • “Purse” pouch containing my wallet, an Epi-Pen, a card case and my catchall pouch
  • Compact hairbrush with built-in mirror
  • Moleskin notebook for jotting down ideas
  • Baggie of coupons
  • Monthly planner
  • Cell phone
  • Small spray “pen” of hand sanitizer
  • A few individually wrapped moist towelettes
  • Ink pen

You’ll note that I keep three pouches in my bag: a diaper pouch, a catchall pouch and a purse pouch. The catchall pouch is just to keep the small items from getting lost in my bag, but the other pouches are for convenience. If I’m in a restaurant and Baby needs a quick diaper change, I can just grab the diaper pouch from my purse and take her to the restroom. If I’m pushing around my new stroller (which already has a diaper bag on the side of it), I can just grab my purse pouch and have all the personal items I need for shopping and running errands. Easy and convenient!


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  1. Love that you carry a Swiss Army Knife!!

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