April 1, 2009

The “Almost Perfect” Purse

Posted in Fashion at 4:23 pm by bitsypieces

My faithful readers know that I’ve been on the quest for the “Perfect Purse.” I’m looking for something that’s:

  • Cute and fashionable
  • Divided into two main pockets (one for my stuff, one for Baby’s stuff)
  • Convenient to carry (preferably shoulder/cross-body)

I’ve tried a lot of different bags recently (much the chagrin of b oth Hubby and my checkbook), but nothing was just right. Then I stumbled on the Reign Vermont Mini Messenger at Rei.com:

mini-messAt a price of $65, it ‘s fairly reasonable for a bag of this quality.  Since it’s designed to be a laptop messenger bag, it is divided into two main pockets. It also has a lot of little zippered pockets for organization, plus it’s got a nice long strap that I can comfortably wear on my shoulder or cross-body. Added bonus: it has a super cute design that works well with most outfits.

I don’t really like the way it hangs… it’s got a little too much of a “laptop messenger bag” feel as opposed to “cute handbag.” But that’s a minor quibble, and one I can live with for now. Overall, I’d say this bag is almost perfect. So, at least for a while, I’m going to quit my quest for the perfect purse and move on to other shopping adventures.



  1. 1001petals said,

    I totally understand the handbag dilemna. I’ve been using giant handbags/purses from H&M and the Gap since last fall. . stuffed with baby things and my things.

  2. I am ALWAYS searching for the perfect handbag and it still eludes me! This one is super cute, though! Love the pattern on it!

  3. […] Since I’ve started carrying MY stuff and BABY stuff, I really like to be organized (Hence, my quest for the Perfect Purse.). This is partly because I am an organization nut, and partly because I carry a lot of junk in one […]

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