March 30, 2009

More stroller stuff

Posted in Baby Gear at 9:07 pm by bitsypieces

(You didn’t think I would stop at a stroller and a diaper bag, did you?)

I confess. I bought one more accessory for a stroller I don’t even have yet!  It’s called the Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy. Quite a mouthful for something that looks like this:

cup-holdersBasically, the new fab orange lightweight stroller that I’ve ordered does not have any type of cupholders. Although the super cool stroller saddle bag I’ve ordered does have one drink holder on the side, it would be kind of inconvenient for me to reach (since it’ll be pretty close to the ground). And I believe in convenience.

Thus, the purchase of this Buggy Buddy, which is supposed to hang from the stroller handles like so:

cup-holders-2If it works, I’ll be one happy camper.



  1. 1001petals said,

    ooh I so need that for my stroller that also does not have a cupholder. I will wait to hear if it works out for you as I’ve already bought so many things that haven’t (not this sort of thing, but other stuff!)

  2. bitsypieces said,

    Yeah, I am the same way. I have bought lots of baby stuff that either doesn’t work as promised, or only entertains Baby for a short period of time… lots of wasted cash. I figure I am a new mommy, so it’s all a learning experience. But man, what a waste of money! 🙂

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