March 28, 2009

Saddlebags Can Be A Good Thing…

Posted in Baby Gear at 3:44 pm by bitsypieces

After buying this fab orange lightweight Chicco stroller, I realized that I was going to need some accessories. According to reviews, the storage space beneath the stroller is pretty small. I could already see myself getting frustrated if I had to deal with a stroller, a diaper bag and my purse.

A little online searching led me to the Skip Hop Saddle Bag.

saddlebagI opted for this color–called Uptown Stripe–because I thought it would look super cute with the orange stroller.  Also, it was on sale for cheap on eBay.  The downside: It’s not very masculine if Hubby wants to carry it around.

Although I have not yet received my Skip Hop bag (oh shipping time, how I curse you!), reviews suggest that this bag is fairly small (although one Amazon reviewer manages to stuff plenty in it.) The great thing about this bag (I hope) is that it attaches to the side of the stroller. I think this is a safer option than hanging a bag from the handles of a stroller, which can cause tipping.

I’m really hoping that this bag holds enough for a basic day out running errands… which means a couple of diapers, a travel pack of wipes, an outfit change, a binky, and a couple of small toys. If it can handle that, most times I’ll be able to leave my bigger diaper bag in the car or at home… and I LOVE to travel light!


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