March 27, 2009

Still spending…

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:42 am by bitsypieces

In my BC days, I spent my extra cash on things like…

  • Cute little outfits and dresses
  • Sexy shoes
  • Trendy handbags
  • Cosmopolitans
  • Dinners at restaurants without crayons by the door

Now that I’m living la vida AC, however, I am indulging in baby products. Lots and lots of baby products.

However, I AM trying to stay within a budget AND get cute things, too.  So I recently purchased the Chicco C6:


I have an awesome Graco stroller system (a gift!), but it’s a little too bulky and heavy for quick errands. I use it for strolls around the neighborhood and such, but I wanted something I could stow in the car all the time. Thus, my new stroller needed to fold up small (like an umbrella stroller). However, I also wanted something cute and functional.

The Chicco C6 fits all my requirements. It folds up small, it’s lightweight, it has a decent sunshade, and it also has a small storage spot… according to the reviews. I haven’t received my stroller yet–shipping takes so long!–but I am anxiously awaiting it.  Once I try it out, I’ll be sure to post a review at Mommy Tried It.



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