March 25, 2009


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I think I  might have to accept that I have a little bit of a spending problem. For some reason, I am always shopping… buying crap I don’t need. These days, I justify it in the name of “Baby needs stuff,” but it all comes down to the same thing: Crappy Clutter.

And I am a sucker, too, for the “healthy” or “all natural” spin. All of Baby’s feeding bowls and utensils are BPA-free. Does that mean they’re superior? Probably not. But they cost two or three times as much as conventional versions.

Hubby and I are not wealthy people. He has a decent job and I make part-time income from writing, but many weeks I am on a limited budget for groceries and stuff… and I have often passed over a $15 pair of shoes because “we can’t really afford to spend it.”

Sometimes I think my spending priorities are really screwed up, too. I spend $50 on a plastic toy for Baby, but I won’t pay more than $8 for a pair of jeans (which is why most of my clothing comes from eBay.) On the other hand, I’ve probably invested $100+ trying to find just the right diaper bag/handbag combo.

Fraked up, right?

So my goal for April is to take a cold, hard look at my spending priorities. Then we’ll see what happens.


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  1. Jeremiah said,

    Uh oh, we fed your addiction!

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