March 23, 2009

Planning Pregnancy

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:54 pm by bitsypieces

Hubby and I were lucky the first time we got pregnant. We decided it was “time,” started jumping each other like bunnies around the time of the month I expected to ovulate, and ended up pregnant in just  few months.

But I am realistic enough to know that we might not get so lucky again. It could take months or years–or possibly never–for us to get pregnant again… especially since neither of us are getting any younger.

On the other hand, I’m not quite ready to go through another nine months of pregnancy, nor am I ready to have a second child in the house. I want to spend more time getting to know Baby before I need to focus on another one, too. And I want to lose all the pregnany weight, tighten up my tummy, and look good in clothes again before I wreck havoc on my body for a second time.

So we’re going to hold off on the pregnancy thing for the summer, I think. Maybe we’ll think about “trying” again by autumn. That gives me a few months to shed the weight and get in shape, plus some time to do a few things–like write more and read more and enjoy Hubby more–that I’ve been neglecting lately.



  1. 1001petals said,

    How old is your baby?

  2. bitsypieces said,

    She is nine months old right now… and still nursing with just a few solids here and there.

  3. 1001petals said,

    Oh yes, she is still so tiny. And I often hear how difficult it is to have two children under the age of 2.

    All the best!

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