March 18, 2009

In my world, “DD” has another meaning…

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:20 pm by bitsypieces

In the Land of Technology Speak, the acronym DD usually means Dear Daughter, as in “My DD loves her Elmo Potty Time video!”

In my life BC, however, DD meant one thing only: Designated Driver. My friends and I may enjoy a good party, but we’re responsible when it comes to staying sober behind the wheel.

Last night we celebrated Hubby’s birthday (Although it was not his actual birthday.  It just happened to be an evening we had free that was around his birthday.). In a fit of generosity, I offered to be DD so Hubby could indulge in the restaurant’s birthday speciality: flaming shots drank through a straw while the birthday boy wears a heavy, oversized sombrero.

I was reminded, yet again, that it sucks to be DD.

But since I hadn’t had a drop to drink, I was the one who gave Baby her bath and prepared her for bed when we got home.  (This is normally Hubby’s job.) And every precious moment I spent with her was totally worth it.


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