March 3, 2009

Making Money

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:12 pm by bitsypieces

When Hubby and I first got married, I was the only income earner.  He was a full-time student.  So we made a deal.  Once he finished school and got established in his career, I would take a 3-year break from working to pursue writing, have babies, etc.

Well, those 3 years have come and gone.  I’m still without a steady job… just some occasional freelance work.  I’m glad I’m able to stay at home with Baby, but lately I’ve been feeling like a parasitic-money-sucking-loser.

I think I’d feel less parasitic if I did one of the following things:

  • Kept a clean house
  • Cooked meals regularly
  • Used my spare time to save money through frugal endeavors

However, aside from raising Baby–and the occasional freelance job–I pretty much waste my time on this, or that, or the soul-sucking Internet.

So I’ve been feeling the urge to make money lately.  I’ve monetized another blog, I’ve been writing paid reviews for Associated Content, and I’ve been looking for other freelance writing gigs.  I am even considering work as a substitute teacher, or possibly earning my personal trainer certification.

Maybe all this gloom and doom about the frakin’ economy has gotten to me a bit.

Or maybe I am just exhibiting a little bit of cupidity.

Or maybe I just need to spend more time in the kitchen, cleaning house and making dinner for Hubby.

It is painfully obvious that I feel at odds with my life right now?


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