March 30, 2009

More stroller stuff

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(You didn’t think I would stop at a stroller and a diaper bag, did you?)

I confess. I bought one more accessory for a stroller I don’t even have yet!  It’s called the Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy. Quite a mouthful for something that looks like this:

cup-holdersBasically, the new fab orange lightweight stroller that I’ve ordered does not have any type of cupholders. Although the super cool stroller saddle bag I’ve ordered does have one drink holder on the side, it would be kind of inconvenient for me to reach (since it’ll be pretty close to the ground). And I believe in convenience.

Thus, the purchase of this Buggy Buddy, which is supposed to hang from the stroller handles like so:

cup-holders-2If it works, I’ll be one happy camper.


March 28, 2009

Saddlebags Can Be A Good Thing…

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After buying this fab orange lightweight Chicco stroller, I realized that I was going to need some accessories. According to reviews, the storage space beneath the stroller is pretty small. I could already see myself getting frustrated if I had to deal with a stroller, a diaper bag and my purse.

A little online searching led me to the Skip Hop Saddle Bag.

saddlebagI opted for this color–called Uptown Stripe–because I thought it would look super cute with the orange stroller.  Also, it was on sale for cheap on eBay.  The downside: It’s not very masculine if Hubby wants to carry it around.

Although I have not yet received my Skip Hop bag (oh shipping time, how I curse you!), reviews suggest that this bag is fairly small (although one Amazon reviewer manages to stuff plenty in it.) The great thing about this bag (I hope) is that it attaches to the side of the stroller. I think this is a safer option than hanging a bag from the handles of a stroller, which can cause tipping.

I’m really hoping that this bag holds enough for a basic day out running errands… which means a couple of diapers, a travel pack of wipes, an outfit change, a binky, and a couple of small toys. If it can handle that, most times I’ll be able to leave my bigger diaper bag in the car or at home… and I LOVE to travel light!

March 27, 2009

Still spending…

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In my BC days, I spent my extra cash on things like…

  • Cute little outfits and dresses
  • Sexy shoes
  • Trendy handbags
  • Cosmopolitans
  • Dinners at restaurants without crayons by the door

Now that I’m living la vida AC, however, I am indulging in baby products. Lots and lots of baby products.

However, I AM trying to stay within a budget AND get cute things, too.  So I recently purchased the Chicco C6:


I have an awesome Graco stroller system (a gift!), but it’s a little too bulky and heavy for quick errands. I use it for strolls around the neighborhood and such, but I wanted something I could stow in the car all the time. Thus, my new stroller needed to fold up small (like an umbrella stroller). However, I also wanted something cute and functional.

The Chicco C6 fits all my requirements. It folds up small, it’s lightweight, it has a decent sunshade, and it also has a small storage spot… according to the reviews. I haven’t received my stroller yet–shipping takes so long!–but I am anxiously awaiting it.  Once I try it out, I’ll be sure to post a review at Mommy Tried It.

March 25, 2009


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I think I  might have to accept that I have a little bit of a spending problem. For some reason, I am always shopping… buying crap I don’t need. These days, I justify it in the name of “Baby needs stuff,” but it all comes down to the same thing: Crappy Clutter.

And I am a sucker, too, for the “healthy” or “all natural” spin. All of Baby’s feeding bowls and utensils are BPA-free. Does that mean they’re superior? Probably not. But they cost two or three times as much as conventional versions.

Hubby and I are not wealthy people. He has a decent job and I make part-time income from writing, but many weeks I am on a limited budget for groceries and stuff… and I have often passed over a $15 pair of shoes because “we can’t really afford to spend it.”

Sometimes I think my spending priorities are really screwed up, too. I spend $50 on a plastic toy for Baby, but I won’t pay more than $8 for a pair of jeans (which is why most of my clothing comes from eBay.) On the other hand, I’ve probably invested $100+ trying to find just the right diaper bag/handbag combo.

Fraked up, right?

So my goal for April is to take a cold, hard look at my spending priorities. Then we’ll see what happens.

March 23, 2009

Planning Pregnancy

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Hubby and I were lucky the first time we got pregnant. We decided it was “time,” started jumping each other like bunnies around the time of the month I expected to ovulate, and ended up pregnant in just  few months.

But I am realistic enough to know that we might not get so lucky again. It could take months or years–or possibly never–for us to get pregnant again… especially since neither of us are getting any younger.

On the other hand, I’m not quite ready to go through another nine months of pregnancy, nor am I ready to have a second child in the house. I want to spend more time getting to know Baby before I need to focus on another one, too. And I want to lose all the pregnany weight, tighten up my tummy, and look good in clothes again before I wreck havoc on my body for a second time.

So we’re going to hold off on the pregnancy thing for the summer, I think. Maybe we’ll think about “trying” again by autumn. That gives me a few months to shed the weight and get in shape, plus some time to do a few things–like write more and read more and enjoy Hubby more–that I’ve been neglecting lately.

March 18, 2009

In my world, “DD” has another meaning…

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In the Land of Technology Speak, the acronym DD usually means Dear Daughter, as in “My DD loves her Elmo Potty Time video!”

In my life BC, however, DD meant one thing only: Designated Driver. My friends and I may enjoy a good party, but we’re responsible when it comes to staying sober behind the wheel.

Last night we celebrated Hubby’s birthday (Although it was not his actual birthday.  It just happened to be an evening we had free that was around his birthday.). In a fit of generosity, I offered to be DD so Hubby could indulge in the restaurant’s birthday speciality: flaming shots drank through a straw while the birthday boy wears a heavy, oversized sombrero.

I was reminded, yet again, that it sucks to be DD.

But since I hadn’t had a drop to drink, I was the one who gave Baby her bath and prepared her for bed when we got home.  (This is normally Hubby’s job.) And every precious moment I spent with her was totally worth it.

March 17, 2009

An Experiment in “Clean Eating”

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Most fitness enthusiasts know the phrase “Clean Eating.” It basically means eating close to nature without added fats or sugars. Processed foods are usually avoided, as are any refined foods. An example of a “clean” meal would be a baked chicken breast, steamed broccoli with herbs, and plain brown rice. To learn more about “Clean Eating,” check out the book The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. It’s a great resource!

In general, eating “clean” is a pretty strict nutritional lifestyle. However, this type of lifestyle does get results. Start eating “clean” and you’re almost guaranteed to be healthier and thinner in just a few weeks.

I like the concept of “Clean Eating,” but these days I am having trouble fitting it into my life. Now that I have a child, I find myself grabbing whatever is quick and handy. Common “meals” for me include cheese and crackers, a handful of Doritos, or a frozen pizza.

My question: Is “Clean Eating” possible even for a busy parent?

Advocates would say it is, especially when that parent plans ahead by preparing multiple meals–say, cooking 6 chicken breasts at once. This makes grab-and-go food easy. But I wrestle with other issues, too, such as:

* A semi-vegetarian style of eating
* A paranoia about the safety of leftovers (They get 2-3 days in my fridge before they’re tossed.)
* A spouse who loves to dine out
* A palate that quickly gets bored

I’ve decided to try a “Clean Eating” experiment, however. Starting today I will practice the principles of “Clean Eating” as much as possible. I will do my best to adhere to “Clean Eating” standards. And I’ll post here to let you know about my progress and give you the results.

Does “Clean Eating” work for a busy parent who’s on-the-go?  Stay tuned to find out…

(This post also published at my health and weight loss blog

March 12, 2009

I Can’t Do It All

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I might as well accept it. I can’t do it all.

Baby demands so much attention that I can’t make homecooked meals, keep the house clean, exercise daily, earn money freelance writing, write a novel and look gorgeous/stylish every day. It just is NOT going to happen.

So what do I sacrifice? So far it’s mostly been my novel, my fitness, my appearance and my meals. I am doing some freelance work and I do manage to keep my house clean. Woo hoo. Aren’t I frakin’ amazing?

I gotta start going to bed earlier so I can wake up an hour or so before Baby. That extra time to do something for myself–whether it’s exercise or write or take a shower–would be really great to have.

I suppose that means I need to stop going to bed at 2AM. I’ve been a “night owl” since childhood. And now that Baby interrupts my sleep every night, it’s harder and harder to wake up in the morning.

Anyone else a night owl who wishes she were a morning lark?

March 9, 2009


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It seems like these days everyone can probably chant along to those lyrics “…with my mind on my money and my money on my mind…”  It’s funny how media hysterics + a downturn in certain industries = mass anxiety.

To be honest, I don’t see a lot of signs of a recession or impending depression in my town.  Although three big employers around here have been going through lay-offs, there’s still plenty of spending going on.  The mall, Wal-Mart shopping center, Borders, etc. are still PACKED with people every weekend.  There are still waiting lines to eat at The Olive Garden, our favorite sushi place and Red Lobster.  Maybe the weekday shopping has slimmed down a bit, but the folks in my area are still spending, spending, spending.

Nonetheless, as I mentioned in a previous post, I still feel anxious about the state of my bank balance (which is, thank God, relatively healthy).  Maybe fear and concern about money is contagious.

Whatever the reason, I really need to start working on ways to boost my income.

March 5, 2009

I just can’t handle trends…

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Both of my new handbags turned out to be too small for my needs.  I just need to accept that my days of cute little bags are behind me–for now–and practicality must reign supreme.

So I ended up buying this Etienne Aigner bag:


It’s stuffed to the gills and it’s super heavy, but it holds everything I need.  (One secret:  Within this bag is a smaller wristlet containing my wallet and other essentials.  So if I just want to grab a bag for a VERY quick errand or if I’m going out without Baby, I can just pull out the wristlet and go.)

I consider this bag to be “classic” in appearance… although it’s maybe a bit too much my-mom-should-be-carrying-this.

I plan to keep my eyes open for a trendy bag that’s big enough to hold my stuff.  In the meantime, however, I’ll be using this one for my everyday bag.

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