February 26, 2009

Speaking of bags…

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I may have mentioned that I don’t like to carry a lot of baggage (physical or emotional).  But after Baby, I realized the super cute clutches I used to carry to on a night out were no longer of sufficient size.  I needed to carry my normal items, which include…

  • My wallet, which had grown bigger because of all the supermarket loyalty cards that I need to save 50 cents on a box of baby wipes
  • My “emergency” pouch, which includes a Swiss Army Knife, a nail file, moist towelettes, a mini flashlight, hair bands, lip balm and other assorted items
  • A small hairbrush/mirror combination tool
  • Lipstick
  • An epi-pen
  • A small monthly planner (for keeping track of appointments), a small notebook (for writing down ideas), and a pen
  • My cell phone

…as well as baby related items, including:

  • One change of diaper, little onesie, and a disposable changing pad for when I want to carry only my purse into a restaurant or store
  • An assortment of toys
  • A spare binkie and pacifier keeper
  • A package of wipes (for diaper changes and general cleanliness)

As a result of all the new stuff I needed to carry, I bought an old lady bag.  Yes.  An ugly black old lady bag with lots of zippers and pockets.  Every time I carried that thing in public I felt like I was 82-years-old.

Fortunately, I came to my senses and purchased these bags from eBags.com:


This is the Marseille Shoulder bag by Aurielle-Carryland.  Not designer, but I can’t afford designer.  A cute, basic bag that doesn’t look “old lady.”

And I got this one, too:


This is the Time to Shine shoulder bag by Aurielle-Carryland.  I definitely think this one will help me get past my recent frumpy fashion!



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