February 25, 2009

Thank God for UPS

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:17 pm by bitsypieces

So I received my Chadwicks order, tried on my purchases, and decided…

To return every damn item.

My biggest complaints about the various pieces:

  • Poor quality.  A couple of the items had very cheap fabric.
  • Not as described.  Either the fabric was different than described, or the colors/pattern looked very different online.
  • Ill fitting.  This is not necessarily a problem with Chadwicks.  It’s just the items didn’t fit my body correctly, or they were so NOT flattering.
  • Wrong item.  Instead of the red tunic sweater, I received a brown polo sweater.  Someone needs to be double-checking those orders before they’re sent out.

I have to wonder if this might be a small message from my inner Fashion Sense.  She’s calling out (in a spirit-like voice):

Stop trying “new” things… you already know what works for your body… just stick with the styles you know look good…

So today I’m back to black in a black denim pencil skirt, a black v-neck sweater, and black boots.  Simple, basic and… well… totally me.


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