February 24, 2009

Practical Diaper Bag

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:51 pm by bitsypieces

So I’m practical.  I admit it.  And I’m willing to sacrifice style for convenience… most of the time.  (But you will never catch me in those fugly nursing shirts with “panels” in the sides.  Ugh.)

For a long time I carted around a standard LL Bean bookbag as a diaper bag.  It was handy.  It had lots of pockets.  It was durable.  It even reminded me of my high school days.  Then a friend saw me pick it up off a restaurant floor and commented, “Are you doing homework later?”


So I decided to downsize.  Now that Baby is no longer a spit-up machine, I don’t have to carry an extra shirt for myself.  And I’ve also learned that I don’t need to carry twenty diapers.  So I went in search of a new diaper bag.

After much debate, I settled on this one from Target:


It’s the Eddie Bauer Hamilton Tan Plaid Diaper Bag, and it’s decent for the price I paid (about $17 + shipping).  I kind of wish I had chosen one that looked more like a real tote and less like a lunchbox.  On the other hand, this one is pretty small (I can JUST fit in everything I need) and I really really like that it’s compact.  Less space means I automatically carry less useless stuff with me.  And it also means less strain on my shoulder, so I can avoid the hunchback look for a few more years.  Woo hoo.

And if I had gotten one that looked like a real tote, Hubby probably would have never carried it for fear that it would be viewed as a “man purse.”  Since this LOOKS like a diaper bag, he doesn’t have to worry about being confused with a metrosexual.  Instead, he’s just “a dad.”


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