February 23, 2009

Some New Clothes

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, the colors black, gray and brown are pretty much the only colors I wear.  (Yes, I know black is the absence of color.  But there’s no need to get all schoolbook about it, right?)

So in an effort to remedy my drab (albeit classic) wardrobe color choices, I recently made a few purchases from Chadwicks.com.  Now, I am not a huge fan of Chadwicks.  For one thing, many of their items look like something my grandmother should be wearing.  For another, the clothing items generally lack quality.  And the fit is almost always off.  But Chadwicks does run super deals on clearance items, and every once in a while I can find an inexpensive but cute item that fits the young-mother-on-the-go look.  (I hope.)

So what did I buy?

tunic-sweaterI ordered this tunic sweater in deep red.  First, I like red (Although Hubby says red does not look good on me.  I think he’s full of it.  I like red, dammit.)  Also, I think that the longer length will help prevent the ol’ plumber crack that seems to be my standard these days.  (For some reason, it’s as if having a baby has lengthened my torso.  Every pair of jeans I own tend to show my butt crack as soon as I bend over.)

I also ordered…

blue-tee… this blue empire waist shirt.  It’s VERY different from my usual style.  But I thought… what the heck, right?  Maybe I’ll love it.  Maybe I’ll hate it.  But at least it will be different.  I mean… it’s a print.  A PRINT!  That alone is an adventure for me.

And since I was feeling adventurous, I also bought…

red-dressMore red and more print!  It’s like I’ve gone wild with crazy fashion abandon.  But seriously.  The mock wrap style is supposed to be universally flattering, and I think it usually looks decent on me.

But don’t think that I abandoned my black, conservative style completely.  Just take a gander at these little babies…

black-shortsBlack city shorts.  Will I hate them?  Probably.  I always feel like longer length shorts make my (already short) legs look even stubbier.  However, all my current shorts fit into one of two categories.  They’re either almost indecently short (which is inappropriate for a young mother who is now sporting some darn ugly cellulite), or they’re baggy, oversized cargo shorts (which are only appropriate for hiking or young men with dreams of rapper stardom).  So I am trying my first pair of tailored, longer length shorts.  We’ll see.

And, of course, no shopping excursion is complete without shoes.

slingback-wedge(Yes, I ordered them in black.)  Most of my dressier shoes (i.e. church going shoes) are high, thin heels.  Not exactly the right footwear when you’re toting a baby, carseat and diaper bag.  Nor will they be appropriate when Baby starts toddling and Mommy has to chase her through the mall.  So these wedge slingbacks were my attempt at a more practical dress shoe.

But I needed an actual flat, too…

slingback-flatsI own practically no flats, since I’ve always thought heels were more flattering to my leg.  But, alas, mommyhood means flat shoes are a necessity.  The result:  these cute slingback flats (Yes, yes… in black.  If I like them I promise to order another pair in red, ok?).  Perfect for jeans or a skirt… they’ll be a nice way to avoid looking frumpy.

And finally, I still needed to appease my gotta-be-comfortable soul…

sketchersThey look like Sketchers, but they’re a cheaper brand (and, according to reviews, they’re more comfortable, too).  With a cute graphic tee, some dark wash jeans and these shoes, I won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public.  But I WILL be comfortable.

And though it may look like I’ve been doing my part to stimulate the economy, I actually didn’t spend much on these items (a total of around $100).  You can find this clothing at Chadwicks.com, and I do recommend checking out their clearance section for bargains.  Just remember to read the reviews written by other shoppers… you’ll get a better idea if the item you’re viewing is boxy or ill-fitting.



  1. Tiffany said,

    You got all that for $100!! That is great. I also agree that Chadwicks has great prices but the quality is not there.

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