February 19, 2009

Like the proverbial sailor…

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:54 pm by bitsypieces

I recently had someone tell me that, since I have a tendency to swear like a sailor, I am not very Christian-like.

Frankly, I felt no need to defend my faith.  Hey… if you wanna mark me as a “bad” Christian because I cuss a little (or a lot), I think that says a lot more about your religious beliefs than mine.  Personally, I think the Big G is a lot more concerned with how we live our lives than the colorful language we use to express our thoughts.

I admit that I censor myself a bit on this blog.  I do my best to avoid offending people with my language and my posts because I want to be accessible to the (3 or 4) people who actually read this thing.

But I’m afraid I’ve always been a bit of a rebel.  So now I say, “Fuck it.”  I’ve had to censor myself around Baby (Don’t want her saying cuss words in pre-school!), but I don’t have to censor myself when I’m basically writing for no one else but me anyway.

So expect to see more of the “real” me in upcoming posts.  If it offends you, well… I’m sorry to see you go.  (And if you want me to remove you from my links, just leave me a comment.)  But if you choose to stick around and keep reading, I promise that I won’t get TOO badass about it.


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