February 1, 2009

Like the singing frog…

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:43 am by bitsypieces

I’m probably dating myself, but does anyone remember the old cartoon with the frog?  The frog would sing and dance, but only when no one (except a single man) was watching.  The man would try to convince people that the frog could sing, but the frog would never perform for others.

I feel like that man.  Poor sap.

Throughout the day, I have a fussy baby (currently with a cold).  She cries and whines and fusses at everything.  But when Hubby comes home, Baby is happy and full of roses.  And then (foolish man that he is) he says to me: “This baby is happy.  I don’t think she’s as fussy during the day as you say she is.”

It’s not her fussiness that I mind so much… what really gets my goat is that he won’t believe me.  Why is she so much happier when he gets home?

Is it because Hubby is “new” and therefore entertaining?  Is it because he gives her his full attention?  (He can, since he only spends 30 minutes with her on days he works.  I, on the other hand, spend 10+ hours with her… so there are bound to be some minutes when I can’t concentrate on her fully.)

Of course, this too shall pass.  But at the moment, all I want is someone to believe me when I say she’s fussy.


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  1. Serenity Now said,

    I believe you – we have the same problem in my house. The boy is a completely different kid when hubs is home. BAH – darn kids. Good thing they’re cute huh?

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