January 21, 2009

Paying for Pampering

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When it comes to my personal beauty routine, I’ve always been basically a simple gal.  Haircuts are generally $14 Hair Cuttery bargains… and I get one about every 4 months.  Makeup usually consists of some mineral foundation and maybe some lipstick.  I’ll put on some mascara if it’s a special night out (la dee da).  I’ve never had a professional pedicure, and I pluck my eyebrows about twice a year before really special occasions.

The I read The Stay-At-Home Martyr.  And I realized that this kind of casual look may have worked for me when I was without child, but it no longer fit my older-and-more-fatigued personality.  In those days, I could toss on a little sundress and some kitten heel sandals, run a brush through my hair, and my face sans cosmetics would look fresh and clean.  My appearance was that of a young, casual gal who was preparing to jauntily walk to the store for a fruit smoothie while swinging a cute clutch from her wrist.

Now I’m in oversized jeans (to hide what’s left of my baby weight) and flat clunky shoes (so I don’t trip while holding Baby).  My hair’s pulled back in a severe ponytail (so it’s harder for Baby to grab loose strands) and I am carrying a bag that’s just a wee bit smaller than a suitcase and stuffed with plastic toy keys.  Suddenly, my bare face doesn’t look fresh–it just looks tired and matronly.  Rather than looking casual and cute, I look as if I don’t give a damn about my personal appearance.

But since I’ve been pretty good about sticking to a diet and exercise routine (and no, the pounds aren’t melting off yet, thanks for asking), I decided to treat myself to some real beauty.

So this week I have scheduled an afternoon for a professional haircut/style, a pedicure and an eyebrow wax… all at a very fancy pants salon.  I don’t think they’re so fancy that I’ll get a glass of wine with my pedicure (although I should at a price of $40!), but at least I may enjoy a relaxing experience.  I have no idea how much it’s all going to cost in the end… but Hubby told me that I deserve to take this time to pamper myself.

After it’s over, I’ll report back here on the final price and my opinion as to whether or not the experience was worth the cost.

And for those of you wondering about my hairstyle:  I plan on giving the hair designer free rein to do as she thinks is best, as long as she keeps some of the length and doesn’t give me bangs.



  1. Tiffany said,

    Good for you. You deserve to spend some money and time on yourself.

  2. Serenity Now said,

    Oh girl…ENJOY IT!!! You so deserve some pampering, seriously – you’re going to feel fabulous. Now if only you could squeeze in a massage 🙂

  3. […] in Uncategorized at 9:36 pm by bitsypieces So I had planned a day of pampering, with a fancy pants haircut, pedicure and eyebrow wax.  But two things canceled my plans:  First, […]

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