November 11, 2008

Rethinking Priorities

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:43 pm by bitsypieces

This post at Hot Water Bath gave me a lot of food for thought. Here’s an excerpt:

Who among us wants to be the one who tells a working-two-minimum-wage-jobs mom that she needs to be getting online (digital divide, anyone?) and ordering artisanal puppets for her children because that’s better for the environment and a more authentic gift? … Meanwhile, the dollar store has adorable puppets in a range of styles that are deemed by a privileged class to be less-than because of where they were made or how much energy they required to get here. Well, that’s not a conversation that I am willing to have.

Suddenly, I find myself taking a cold, hard look at myself. Do I act like a member of the “privileged class” to which Hot Water Bath is referring? I’m not opposed to Dollar Store purchases like wrapping paper and scotch tape. I even bought a few shirts from Dollar General to wear postpartum.

On the other hand, I am saving up my Associated Content earnings to buy this trendy teething necklace, and I’ve paid a little extra to get teether toys that are BPA-free. And I shelled out major bucks ($100+) recently for the Ergo baby carrier (since it’s supposed to be “ergonomically correct for both mommy and baby).

Mostly, though, I try to never judge people based on their shopping choices. We’re all free to choose where, how and when we shop… and what we buy. Our shopping choices make us individuals, and our individuality makes us interesting.

So I guess I’m not a member of the “privileged class,” thank goodness.  A shopping snob I am not.

But I still want this cool teething necklace.


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