November 8, 2008


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Ok… so Halloween has passed.  But I’ve been thinking about a few tricks of my own.

A few years ago I was living in a town that was, in my estimation, akin to the armpit of America.  (Actually, the anatomical part to which I usually compared it was a little further south on the body.)  In a desperate attempt to ease my boredom and combat my depression, I decided to learn a new (albeit pointless) skill every month.  I managed to master Origami cranes, using chopsticks and French braiding before I gave up on my program.

Fast forward to today:  I can still use chopsticks, but I’ve forgotten how to make cranes and a decent French braid.

So I’ve decided that it’s time to learn some new tricks again.  Maybe I’ll have them actually mastered by the time Baby is old enough to appreciate them.

On my to-learn-list:

  • Origami cranes
  • Balloon animals
  • Cake decorating
  • Juggling

Hell… I’ll practically be a one-woman walking birthday party entertainer.  (And no, I do NOT look good in clown makeup.)

Unfortunately, this newfound desire for knowledge–or almost-useless skills, depending your perspective–has already cost me bundle.  Yesterday, in a fit of mad spending, I dropped a wad ($50) on cake decorating supplies and books.  (Note:  I do have some experience with this, having taken a Wilton class back when I was 14 years old.)

I rationalize it by adding up all the bucks I’ll save by making Baby’s birthday cakes myself (instead of going to the bakery).  Let’s just hope I still have the patience and energy for it by the time Baby reaches her first birthday!


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