October 31, 2008

A Shorter Christmas List

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Hubby and I are usually pretty generous at Christmas.  We both love to give presents.

However, this year–like many Americans–we’re tightening our belts.  The result?  A short Christmas list and a smaller budget.

To save money on gifts this year, we plan to:

  • Buy Baby just 2 gifts (rag dolls).  Yes, it’s her first Christmas.  But at her age, she doesn’t need a lot of toys.
  • Host a potluck party. We use to go out to dinner to celebrate Christmas with friends.  This year, however, I think we’re going to try a potluck holiday party.  We’ll see how it works out.
  • Use contest winnings for gifts. I won a $500 gift certificate to my local jewelry store (woo hoo!).  So I think most of the ladies on our list will be getting a nice piece of jewelry for Christmas.
  • Skip gifts for each other. In the past Hubby and I either purchased each other gifts or bought one gift we shared (like a new video game console).  This year, however, we may just give each other a kiss.

Personally, I think the retail sector is going to be hit hard this holiday season.  Indeed, there will probably be some super sales and big bargains.  Since Hubby and I need a new stove, we may have to use our Christmas savings to buy it.



  1. Those are all great ideas — and if the stove is a glass top, that’s a great present in my mind! Sadly, sometimes I can rationalize a purchase by thinking of it as doing my civic duty to bolster the economy. (Not the best strategy for my budget!)

    Oh, one thing we’ve done for our kids is take them to a nice thrift store and let them each choose one toy (which we usually throw in the washing machine or disinfect, whichever applies). They’re happy, we’re happy, and when they lose interest 2 months (or minutes) later, no one’s mad!

  2. We’re having a MUCH lower key Christmas this year, too.

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