October 27, 2008

Food and Poo

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Before giving birth, I’d been informed that mommies become obsessed with their baby’s poo.

Not me, I thought. I will never be the type of mother that examines every baby poo with a critical eye.


Of course, I have a good reason to be holding the dirty diaper under the light. A few weeks ago we discovered blood in Baby’s poo. This led to a panicked late-night trip to the ER, as well as a next day visit to the doc. We were assured it was nothing more than a virus. Whew!

Fast forward two weeks and I see blood in Baby’s poo again! This time more tests are done with no conclusive results. I, of course, spend hours Googling the symptom… because isn’t that the reason Google was invented? So panicked moms could develop even greater anxiety about the possibility of a rare, African disease or flesh-eating bacteria?

After extensive Google research, I came to the conclusion that a food allergy or sensitivity may be to blame. Although Baby is exclusively fed mommy’s milk, it’s possible that something I am eating may be upsetting her tummy.


The biggest culprits are dairy, soy and eggs… which also happen to the be three things I eat on a daily basis. But I’ve always been a big fan of the scientific method, and I also believe that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. Rather than taking a haphazard, random approach by eliminating one food and then another, I decide to just start out with a Total Elimination Diet (aka TED). This is the most logical way to approach discovering a food allergy, I think, though it is unpleasant.

For a few weeks–until her symptoms are completely gone–I will be on a super restrictive diet… mostly turkey, potatoes, rice and squash. (Not exactly the most enjoyable diet for a former vegetarian.) After we reach a “baseline” of no bloody poos, I’ll start slowly adding new foods to my diet (starting with the least allergenic–such as oats and beans–and finishing up to the most allergenic like dairy.)

Hopefully this uncomfortable food plan will result in some real information about possible diet sensitivities in Baby.

‘Cause I sure hate to think that I’m eating turkey for no useful purpose.


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  1. Tiffany said,

    The blood could also just be because she is constipated. Formula does cause this.

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