October 20, 2008

Weed-like Growth

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:19 pm by bitsypieces

In light of the colder weather, a few weeks ago I purchased Baby some warmer clothing… mostly footed sleepers in a knit cotton fabric.  They’re just the right warmth for our home during fall/winter months.  Since Baby is just 14 weeks old, I bought sizes 3-6 months, assuming they’d work for most of the winter.

Now she’s almost ready to outgrow 3 of them.  This girl is growing like the proverbial weed!

Thank goodness Christmas is on the horizon… maybe someone will gift Baby with some practical clothing.  ‘Cause otherwise, our budget is going to take a serious hit in the “Baby Clothes” category.



  1. Tiffany said,

    Babies are weeds in general. I bought Lily a 6-9 month sleeper and she was only 7.5 months – so it should fit longer and a one month – it barely made it one month!! Now that she is almost 9 months old I am buying her 12 month clothes – they may be a bit big right now but they will last longer.

    Also when you get around to having baby number 2 try to plan their birthdays to be close together – unlike Mikayla (May baby) and Lily (winter baby). I am finding that I have to buy new clothes for Lily because Mikayla’s only ones are the wrong season.

  2. Leanne said,

    Jacob is also growing like a weed and even though he is only 4 months old the few outfits I do buy for him are usually 6-9 month size. They fit him big but I figure at least this way I will get my money’s worth out of the outfit! Now I am actually going to start buying 9-12 month just cause he has enough in 6-9.

  3. And they never stop growing….LOL!

    We’re dealing with the same thing with our three year old. He’s bleeding my wallet dry!

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