October 15, 2008

Slice of Life: Mommy in the Potty

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Just as Baby started to wake from her nap today, I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom.  Really, really bad.  And it wasn’t going to be a quick wee, either.  I was going to need more than 30 seconds to finish the job.

As Baby rustled and whimpered in her crib, I ran to the bathroom.  Just as I settled in, Baby started crying.  Wailing.  Screaming.

So as I sat in the bathroom, I listened to the sounds of her wails the entire time.  As I did my duty, I occasionally called out to the Baby.  “Mommy’s here.  She’ll be right there.  She’ll be with you in a minute, Baby.” There was a longer time delay because I had to wash my hands super-thoroughly since I knew Baby needed fed, too.  (I always give my digits a good scrub before I feed her.)

Although it felt like I had spent 20 minutes in the bathroom, it was probably only 2.

I rushed into the nursery and picked up Baby, anxious to stop her tears.  And as I cuddled my sweet child, I thought of the millions of men who stroll to the bathroom with reading material in hand, ready for a leisurely and relaxing afternoon potty break.

Is it wrong that–for one brief moment–I felt like bashing them all on the head with their copies of Sports Illustrated?


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  1. Not wrong at all. *giggle*

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