October 9, 2008


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Having a baby has made me a lot more anxious about possible disasters.  And, given the economic state of the USA at this time, I am especially concerned about finances.  In my (overactive) imagination, I keep seeing another depression–stockbrokers swan-diving from tall buildings, families living in cardboard boxes, and orphans eating cold mush (a la Annie).

Hubby and I have most of our savings in mutual funds… and we’ve been watching the amount in our accounts continue to drop each quarter.  I’ve been thinking about stashing some money away as cash–either in a basic bank savings account or Certificates of Deposit–just in case the stock market should take a really big tumble.

The problem: We’re not really making enough right now to save extra cash.

The solution: I guess we either need to spend less (my big hurdle) or earn more.

I still can’t get seem to get over my habit of shopping when I’m bored, stressed, tired or sad.  Has anyone else out there found a way to conquer “emotional spending”?


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  1. Leanne said,

    I too am an emotional spender or eater~! It’s a terrible cycle… I’m sad so I shop then I’m sad cause we are broke then shop some more! I don’t know how to break the habit? It really sucks now cause I think I make more on mat leave then my hubby is bringing in! I think I should kick his a$$ to bring home the bacon so I can shop more!!! LOL Sorry I don’t have any advice but at least you know you are not alone!? 😉

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