October 6, 2008

Bits of Pieces

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Some bits of the pieces of my life…

  • Took Baby to ER last week because we found blood in her poop.  ER tests and a subsequent doctor visit suggested she had some type of stomach bug.  At this point, everything has cleared up and she seems normal… which is a huge relief.
  • Because of ER visit (which got us home at 4AM), our schedules have been out of whack.  Baby has gone from a 6-7 hours stretch of nighttime sleep to just 5 hours.  Not sure if the ER visit is to blame or if she’s going through a growth spurt (she’s been eating a lot, too).  Either way, I wish she’d go back to sleeping for 6-7 hours at night.
  • Again, because of ER visit and out of whack schedules, my workout routine has been slacking.  But weight is still slowly dropping.  Read more about my diet/exercise life at www.RefrigeratorRaid.com.
  • Baby needs a winter wardrobe.  She is outgrowing most of the stuff I received at baby showers, and much of it is summer wear.  It’s time for bigger, warmer outfits.  I don’t want to spend a bundle, though.  Am wondering if eBay is a possibility?  Anyone ever bought baby clothes there?
  • Spent $120 on 6 pairs of shoes for myself the other day.  Hubby almost blew a gasket, but I tried to explain that it was a real bargain excursion.  ($120 for 6 pairs?  Great deal!)  My feet have grown since pregnancy, and I can’t fit into any close-toed shoes.  Moreover, almost all my winter shoes were heels.  Now that cold weather is here and I have Baby in tow, I desperately needed something flat and comfortable that wasn’t a sandal.

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  1. Tiffany said,

    I have found some great lots of clothes from ebay. I would get a whole box for about $2 per outfit – even if I don’t like all of them it is still a great deal.

    I also take my daughter’s clothes to the second hand store after she is done with them and use my credit to buy her “new” clothes.

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