September 29, 2008

Squandering “Me Time”

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One of the more difficult aspects of caring for a new baby is the lack of Me Time.  Whenever Baby is sleeping or happily cooing on her play mat, I often use those few spare minutes for laundry, cooking, dishes, etc.  (If I have some actual paid work to do, every moment is used to get a first draft written.)

By the end of the night, when (hopefully) the housework is finished and I can settle in for some Me Time, I almost always waste it on a DVRed rerun of What Not To Wear or Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

But lately I’ve been wondering:  What happened to quality Me Time?  I used to read books–often at least one book per day.  I used to write short stories (or work on a novel).  I used to engage in meaningful hobbies and volunteer work.  (Ok.  Not as much as I should have.  But I used to at least occasionally volunteer.)  When did I drop all these enriching activities and trade them in for hours of boob-tube entertainment?

Perhaps this has been on my mind because I want to set a good example for Baby.  I don’t want her to spend her youth staring like a mind-numbed zombie at flickering lights on the Idiot Box.

So rather than squander my Me Time on ridiculous television shows, I’m going to try to cultivate more of my personally enriching activities.

Sure… Psych and The Big Bang Theory will continue to be “must see TV” for me.  But I should at least be able to find enough time to read one book a week.


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  1. Tiffany said,

    Me time is SOOO hard to find as a mom. I was lucky this weekend, hubby agreed to watch the girls this weekend and I went mountain biking (it was wonderful) then out to lunch. Then when I got home both girls were sleeping and the house was straightened. IT was perfect!

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