September 12, 2008

Frump or Fashion?

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Mrs. Fussypants skipped her usual Fight The Frump Fridays post, but I decided to go ahead and stick with a fashion-focused post today.

Comfort is top priority for me when it comes to clothing. However, I like to look at least a little bit put together when I leave the house. (Though I admit to running to the store wearing nothing more than a baggy tee-shirt, a pair of Hubby’s boxers, and some ratty flip-flops. Not exactly the most stylish outfit.)

During the cooler autumn and winter months, I’ve started wearing tracksuit type outfits like this one from Chadwicks:

But here’s my question: Are these types of sets really fashionable? Or are they just another frumpy style?

Probably a tracksuit that fits nicely–hugs curves, hemmed to proper length, doesn’t look too bulky–could pass as stylish. But an ill-fitting tracksuit just looks like a gym reject.

It also depends on the type of accessories and shoes you pair with the tracksuit, too.

Dumpy gym bag + bulky sneakers + ponytail in a scrunchy = frump, frump, frump

Cute tote + skimmers + styled hair = fashion!


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  1. I still see people wearing them around here. The one in the picture looks nice…not frumpy at all.

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