September 11, 2008

Non-toxic Natural Cleaners

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I’m an super anal about cleaning my kitchen, particularly if Hubby has been messing around with raw chicken, eggs or seafood. As a result, I spray a ton of Lysol on every surface. But I HATE all the horrible fumes… and I really hate using that toxic stuff around Baby.

The “natural” cleaners–like Seventh Generation–don’t really kill things like salmonella, however.

But I’ve been doing a little research. Turns out, scientific studies have found that plain white vinegar usually kills most salmonella and e. coli germs… especially if it stays on the surface for about 30 minutes. (Although one study found that even a quick wipe with full-strength vinegar will kill salmonella.)

I’m convinced and converted!

Starting today, I am filling a spray bottle with vinegar and using it for most kitchen clean-ups. It’s cheaper, non-toxic and natural! (As for the leftover Lysol I still own, I’ll save it to use when Hubby makes a serious raw-meat mess in the kitchen.)


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  1. gerilwalton said,

    I used to be just like you. Then I learned about “green” cleaners. If you’re interested in some “green” recipes to help you with your conversion here’s some

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