August 22, 2008

Baby Album

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I had planned to use a standard “baby book” for Baby’s memories.  But I’m not one to be pigeonholed, and I hated the pre-set fill-in-the-blank type information of the book.

Then I read a tidbit in a magazine–Family Fun, I think–about using a journal to create a baby book.  Rather than having pre-set information, Mommies (and Daddies) are free to write anything they want.  Photos can be glued into the book at any place.

I loved the idea and decided to adopt it for Baby.  I purchased a plain paper journal (no lines), some acid-free pens, and some photo corners.  The first page will document her birth.  The rest of the book will highlight all the wonderful moments of her life.  I’ll be able to use a page as a “guest book” for her first birthday.  I’ll be able to glue in a program from her first piano recital.  I’ll be able to record every accomplishment that I think is important–not the ones that are important to the people who design baby books.

I’m not the artistic type, but I am a writer by trade.  So though Baby’s book may lack design, it will hopefully still contain a vivid picture of her childhood.


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  1. Elizabeth said,

    That sounds like neat idea. I’ve gone digital with my scrapbooks, and I use Smilebox to create my pages that can be posted on my blog, or printed out (which I do at the end of the year). But to have a journal with your words and thoughts and own handwriting, I think that’s a great personal touch that your now-baby will love to read when she’s older! Thanks for the great tip!

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