July 30, 2008

Oh My Fuzzy Teeth

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:45 pm by bitsypieces

I consider myself a reasonably hygienic person.  As a general rule, I bathe on a regular basis.  I usually brush my teeth at least twice daily, floss every evening, and wear clothing that’s free of stains and funky smells.

Motherhood, however, has changed it all.

It’s not unusual for me to now go for 48+ hours without a shower.  I sometimes only brush my teeth once a day, and that’s after Hubby has mentioned my odious breath.  And all of my clothing is currently stained and reeking of breastmilk.

Mrs. Fussypants would, indeed, be aghast at my frumpiness.

Where’s the “yummy mummy” I thought I’d become?

Apparently, she’s currently buried beneath two days of diaper poo, leaking milk and hormonal sweats.



  1. Kristen said,

    Welcome to Mommydom! LOL Mine are 3 & 4, and sometimes I still hit noon and wonder if I’ve brushed my teeth yet…

  2. Tiffany said,

    Give yourself a break. Things will settle down eventually and you, hubby and baby will find a routine that will allow you to shower at least once a day! Mommyhood does take some getting use to. I have a red shirt that I swear if I am wearing that Lily will spit up all over it before we even make it out of the house – maybe she just doesn’t like red!

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