July 1, 2008

Light Reading for 3rd Trimester Insomnia

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So I’ve been battling a bit of 3rd trimester insomnia (most nights I get to see it slowly grow light outside). Since TV at 3AM tends to be a bore, I often crawl into bed with some light reading (which probably contributes to my insomnia… but I never claimed to be perfect).

For the last few nights I’ve been re-reading the Tightwad Gazette books. Those who are old hands at frugality have probably already read these classic tomes… and much of the advice is of a been-there-done-that nature. Nonetheless, I always find them inspirational. Amy Dacyczyn took her tightwaddery to a level that I will never achieve… partly because of laziness, partly because of squeamishness, and partly because of convenience. It’s great fun to read about all the ways she managed to save 43% of their income a year.

And now, with Hubby going through some job problems, it’s more important than ever.


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  1. Tiffany said,

    Get use to the tv shows at 3am. You are going to get to know them real well while you are nursing. We ordered HBO for 3 months and received show time for free – but there were never any good movies on at 3am so we cancelled it.

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