June 24, 2008

Labor Tricks

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:41 pm by bitsypieces

Ok… I admit it.  I’m about ready to have this baby.  Everything–bassinet, crib, diapers, etc.–is ready for her, so all the material/tangible things are prepared.

And since I’m starting to feel quite uncomfortable, I’d say that she can make her appearance at any time.

The other day someone told me that driving my car over railroad tracks can get labor started.  Frankly, I have a hard time believing it.  Other people have mentioned sex, walking and spicy food as labor inducers.

Anyone else have any other tricks to get labor started?


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  1. Abbi said,

    Sorry, no tricks. However I tried most of what you mentioned to no avail. I think baby’s just come when they are truly ready and that is actually the best way.
    What did work well for me was coming up with this huge list of things that I needed to have done before the baby came. Like having oodles of meals ready and in the freezer, the fridge cleaned, the light fixtures cleaned – you know all those things that aren’t really important but I thought that they would be nice to have done before I was busy with a baby. Keeping busy was certianly the best way for me to deal with going over due on 3 of my 4 babys.

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