June 22, 2008

Cheaper Baby Announcements

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:12 pm by bitsypieces

Rather than spend $1-$2 each for photo baby announcements, I have decided to go the route of make-my-own.

I bought Staples brand printable notecards–they’re the size of a standard thank-you note.  I intend to print Baby’s photo on the front (we have a photo printer) and her stats on the inside.  Simple and basic.  Probably not as nice quality as real baby announcements on glossy photo paper, but they’ll do the trick.  I need about 60 total, which would easily cost me $90 or so from a baby announcement store.  The price was $30 for a pack of 100, which means I have plenty of extras, too (which can be used for everything from thank-you notes to birthday cards to holiday greetings).

So I sacrificed quality but saved $60.  Not a bad deal, especially since Hubby thinks I’m crazy for even wanting to send out baby announcements.

The absolute cheapest way would have been to set up a website… but not everyone I know is tech-friendly.


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  1. Carrie said,

    I made my own announcements, as well. kind of the same thing – I ordered my stationary through mountaincow.com and just ran it through my printer. When I read closely about the quality of the prints from the places I was interested in buying from, it turned out that my cardstock was thicker, larger, and I got colored envelopes, to boot. And depending on your home printer, you still might print better quality prints!

    Much cheaper than the $1-2 announcements!

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