June 20, 2008

Changing Table Alternative

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When I was deciding on nursery furniture, I looked long and hard at changing tables. On one hand, they were practical and provided storage (a must for anyone who cloth diapers). On the other hand, they were expensive ($99+) uni-taskers (once Baby is out of diapers, most changing tables can’t really be used for anything else).

Since I’m a pretty practical person who prefers to buy items with longevity, I decided against the changing table. Instead, I opted for a solid pine platform twin bed. At the cost of $99–the price of most changing tables–I got a piece of nursery furniture that could be used:

  • As a diaper changing spot
  • As a place to nap while Baby is in her crib
  • As a first bed for our toddler/young child

We left it unfinished and unstained. Once our child gets to the “I want to pick a room theme” stage, I figure we can paint it pink or purple or whatever she wants. Easy peasy! (And who knows… it may even become a guest bed one day.)

As a platform bed, it only needs a mattress (no box spring). Yes… I did have to buy a mattress ($199). But in two years or so we would have needed one anyway for our toddler, so it’s simply an “early” purchase.

We also had to buy something for cloth diaper storage. I opted for a shelf with bins that–after she’s out of diapers–can be used as toy and book storage. At the cost of $40 (with $10 off coupon), it was totally worth it.

Ultimately, my initial investment was much higher ($99 for changing table versus $338 for bed, mattress and storage). But we’ll definitely use the bed for 10+ years, and the storage bins will probably last through most of her young childhood. Overall, I think spending more money now was the wisest choice.


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  1. you can have twin beds at your home specially if you always spend your night with a special someone “-,

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