June 16, 2008

Crunchy versus Soft

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CRUNCHY ———-ME——————————-SOFT

That’s probably about where I fall on the crunchy/soft continuum.  To define…

CRUNCHY: AKA “granola” or “hippie.”  Typically embraces the principles of Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.  Attire generally includes tie-dye shirts, broomstick skirts, and Birkenstocks.

SOFT: Sometimes known as “yuppie.”  A big consumer who believes “global warming” is a scam.  Vehicles are purchased based on appearance and status rather than gas mileage.  Prefers disposable items for convenience.

I tend to lean a bit more to the crunchy side, although I have my softer tendencies.  My crunchy style is generally based on things like environmentalism, health and ethics.  My softer side shows up when I want convenience.  Here are a few examples:

MY CRUNCH SIDE: I switched out my reusable plastic water bottles for stainless steel versions in an effort to avoid BPAs.  We plan to use cloth diapers and cloth wipes on our baby.  I do not eat beef, chicken or pork.  Whenever possible, I buy used books, clothing and household items.  We switched many of our lightbulbs to CFLs.  I usually use soaps, shampoos, cleansers, toothpaste and cosmetics that are animal-friendly, vegan and/or all-natural.  I tend to buy organic foods when possible.

MY SOFT SIDE: I sometimes buy cases of individual, disposable bottles of water that are easy to grab on my way out the door.  (Although I recycle the plastic.)  I use a harsh, commercial cleanser for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  I eat seafood, dairy and eggs.  We have regular lightbulbs in the bedroom and bathroom, where I want to avoid the weird cast of CFLs.  There are plenty of non-organic foods that make it into my grocery cart, especially if the organic version is not available.

So, you see, I’m a little bit of both, I guess.  I’d like to be crunchier, but I’m not quite sure I have the motivation or dedication to take the plunge.  I like to think that every little bit helps, though.


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