June 13, 2008

Mineral Makeup

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So for my previous Fight the Frump Friday at Fussypants post, I discussed my 5-minute makeup routine. To kind of stick with the theme, this week I’m sharing my general thoughts about mineral makeup.

For a few years I’ve been using Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup. I just use one color of foundation–no mixing for me–and will sometimes apply a light dusting of Mineral Veil, too. The Mineral Veil is a translucent powder that’s supposed to give you that “air brushed” look.

I have not tried any of their eye makeup or other cosmetics.

So does it work? Well, there are a lot of things I like about mineral makeup in general. I prefer the application of mineral makeup over regular liquid foundation. I also think it looks a lot more natural, and it’s easier to find a matching shade. Personally, I also like that mineral makeup can be applied very lightly–it’s simple to avoid that caked-on appearance and that weird line of definition between chin and neck.

However, Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup isn’t the best for dry skin. I have super dry skin, and sometimes it ends up looking flaky after I apply the foundation. Also, in some cases I think Bare Escentuals actually enhances my fine lines instead of covering them.

Just recently, however, I heard of a company called Everyday Minerals. According to some reviews I’ve read, this brand of mineral makeup tends to be better for dry skin. It’s also a lot less expensive than Bare Escentuals. As a bonus, the company offers a sample kit that includes 3 shades of foundation, 1 shade of blush, and 1 shade of concealer–all for free! You just pay the shipping cost (about $3). It’s a really inexpensive way to try out mineral makeup and find the shade that suits you.

I ordered their free sample kit, and it recently arrived in the mail. I haven’t had a chance to try any of it yet, but plan to do so this weekend. I can’t wait! I’m really hoping Everyday Minerals solves my dry, flaky skin issue, as well as does something to minimize my wrinkles instead of spotlighting them. (Note: The sizes of the free samples are very decent, too. I expect a free sample size of Everyday Minerals foundation could last me a month since I use it so infrequently.)



  1. I love mineral makeup. I have oily skin and it has been amazing not having to wear a coat of liquid foundation.


  2. HRH said,

    I love the mineral make up too. It seems so much lighter on my skin yet does the job.

  3. Lynn said,

    I love mineral make up, but I have very oily skin. It works great for me. I love Bare Escentuals.

  4. Rebecca said,

    I love Everyday minerals. I have been using the semi-matte, and it leaves my skin super glowy (almost a little too glowy, since I have oily skin). And the amount of blush and concealer they give in their free trial is enough to last a year, it seems, particularly the concealer.

    They also have amazing “make your own kit” type deals on their website. I ordered 6 items for $32, and that included anything, so I packed it with most every brush they had and then threw in the foundation and powder (since I have enough blush and concealer from the free trial). It’s an amazing deal.

  5. Mineral makeup defintely works great for many, especially for those that have sensitive skin or acne prone skin.

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