June 12, 2008

Alternative Vaccination Schedule

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:55 pm by bitsypieces

We’re thinking about using an alternative vaccination schedule for our baby… probably the one recommended by Dr. Sears.  Our reasons:

  • Reported allergic reactions or negative side effects
  • Inability to determine which vaccination is producing a negative reaction if given numerous injections at one time
  • The possibility of an “overload” of aluminum from some vaccines

The schedule we’ll use will give our baby all of her vaccinations… she’ll just get them at different intervals so they’re “spread out” over the years.  I tend to think this combines the best of both worlds: She gets all the necessary vaccinations, but side effects and negative reactions are minimized.

Now I just need to find out if the pediatrician we chose is okay with this alternative schedule.


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  1. geriatricmama said,

    Congratulations!! If you don’t find that your ped is cooperative, look for an Osteopathic Physician.. there’s a nationwide database out there that you can locate one locally on. We switched our entire family over, after nearly a decade with our family doctor, because she felt it was “irresponsible” not to give all the shots on the CDC RECOMMENDED schedule (why no one pays attention to that word is beyond me – it’s not a medically necessary schedule, it’s just recommended… but I digressed)… anyways, good luck, and congratulations on the little one!

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