June 10, 2008

How much do babies cost?

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Hubby and I are wondering if we’ll save money during the first six months of Baby’s life.  Since this is all new to us, we really have no idea.  This is how we broke down our spending opportunities after Baby arrives:

Money-Saving Opportunities

  • We’ll be cooking at home more.  Much more.  (Right now we eat out at least 4x week.)
  • We’ll be driving less.  (Sometimes I think we make up errands to give ourselves something to do.)
  • We’ll be shopping less.  (I know we sometimes go shopping for the entertainment value.)

Money-Spending Opportunities

  • All those little things babies need (“I can’t find her pacifier!”  “She hates this type of bottle!”  “We’re out of Mylicon drops!”)

Since we’re using cloth diapers (already purchased) and I plan to breastfeed, the feeding and diapering costs should be minimal.  I think–since we won’t have to deal with those two big baby costs–we should actually save money after Baby comes.  Hubby thinks Baby will need so many extras anyway that we’ll spend the same amount.

Anyone want to share their own experience?


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  1. Tiffany said,

    To me the biggest expensive in the baby world is daycare. I would love to be able to stay home but I can’t afford that either. Clothes is the second biggest expenditure because they grow out of them so quickly. Find a couple of second hand thrift stores or visit garage sales to get good deals on clothes. Also save those clothes if you plan on having a second baby.

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