June 6, 2008

My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

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In honor of Fussypant’s Fight The Frump Friday, I’d like to share my 5-minute makeup routine. I don’t do this every day. But I will apply this makeup if I’m going out for a day of errands or to dinner.

(Note: As I get older–I’m moving closer to 40 with each passing minute–I’ve been thinking about trying to do this 5-minute routine every morning. Part of me thinks Hubby would appreciate seeing a glowing wife rather than the uneven, red skin that usually stretches across my face. And I confess that there are times I scoot out to the supermarket without a bit of makeup on. God forbid I ever run into an ex-boyfriend during those “quick errands.” But I suppose, in all honesty, my mortification would be all of my own making. Especially since my makeup routine takes just 5 minutes. But I digress.)

5-Minute Routine

  • Moisturize. (I have very very dry skin.)
  • Prepare mineral foundation. (Just like on the informercials. I put a little in the lid of the mineral container, swirl my brush around, and tap off the excess.)
  • Buff face with minerals. (I usually do this two or three times… but it’s a quick job… it only takes a few seconds.)
  • Apply long-lasting lipstick.
  • As long-lasting lipstick dries, apply mascara. (Actually, I only wear mascara if I’m going out to dinner. Otherwise, I skip this step.)
  • Apply lip gloss (if I don’t, the long-lasting lipstick looks like wall paint.)

That’s it! Simple, really. I don’t wear blush or eyeshadow (and seldom even wear mascara). I don’t curl my eyelashes (mine are almost too short to curl… I have typical short/sparse Asian eyelashes). And my mineral foundation doubles as concealer.

So I guess my makeup routine is mineral foundation, lipstick and occasionally mascara. It’s easy… and it’s just enough for me to feel pretty.



  1. Valarie Lea said,

    I keep saying I am going to get me so of that makeup. So I am saying it again. I am getting me some of that makeup. :o)

  2. I just got some mineral makeup. Very cool!
    Great post.

  3. Amy said,

    I have never tried mineral makeup.
    good post.
    My make up routine is similar except I add blush and eye shadow and minus the lipstick.


  4. mah-meee said,

    hey, that’s my routine too! except i need mascara… or else my eyes disappears.

    happy friday!

  5. alicia said,

    The hard part is waiting for that stuff to dry! But I do love the long lasting lipstick; whoever invented that gets a big hug from me!

  6. Darla said,

    I’ve never tried long lasting lipstick. What brand do you use?

    I HAVE to wear mascara AND blush. I’m pale.

  7. bitsypieces said,

    I use Maybelline’s long-lasting lipstick… they tend to have a color selection that works for me. (In the store it’s organized by “reds,” “mauves,” etc…. which makes it easy.)

  8. Dawn ;0) said,

    I do it just like you…even the bare minerals which I’m trading in for Sorme soon…great stuff!

  9. […] pm (Uncategorized) So for my previous Fight the Frump Friday at Fussypants post, I discussed my 5-minute makeup routine.  To kind of stick with the theme, this week I’m sharing my general […]

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