June 5, 2008

Current Freezer Stash

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:16 pm by bitsypieces

Still working on my freezer stash so I have easy-to-heat meals after Baby arrives.  Since I’m a pescetarian and Hubby is a meat-eater, it’s kind of a mix of things.  Current stash includes:

  • PB&J sandwiches (for Hubby’s lunch)
  • Breakfast sandwiches made with English muffins, vegetarian sausage and eggs
  • Whole wheat pizza crusts (single size, pre-baked)
  • Twice baked potatoes
  • Various flash frozen meats (so Hubby can whip up something on grill for himself and/or guests)

Today I’m making a batch of no-chicken noodle soup (basically noodle soup made with a veggie broth).  I ended up with a surplus of pint-size Mason jars, so I’ll freeze single servings in the jars (which fit nicely into the freezer door).  I also hope to make a batch of black beans (simply defrost and serve over rice), spaghetti sauce (so I can do lasagna and stuffed shells during the next few days), and French Toast sticks (great for a quick snack or Hubby’s lunch box).

Not quite OAMC efforts… but three or four meals in one day is about all I can handle.


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